Ben Lauber

Ben Lauber, musician, composer, sound artist and producer, has devoted himself to contemporary music from analog to digital. In his music, sound installations and theatre music performances, he is shifting the boundary of the perception of reality between sound and music.

Together with Moses Schneider he founded Transporterraum berlin (1997), a musical community that produced a vast number of records. He is one of the founders and arrangers of the Berlin String Theory (2007), the Goeteborg String Theory (2009) and the Aachen String Theory (2011). Since 2005, he is associated with T.Raumschmiere, where he plays live drums and does electronics in studio. With Nicola Rost he developed the band Concept of Laing. In 2011 and 2012, he was on world tour with Apparat, operating synthesizer. Most recently he produced albums of Dieter Meier (Yello) and Fraktus and was part of the Photography Playground in 2014.

Marcus Doering

Dr. Marcus Doering is a physicist who was awarded his PhD by the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society. For a number of years, he has been working on interactive adventures and the analysis, transmission and visualisation of camera movements.

After working as a researcher in Toronto and then as a project manager specialising in nanotech projects, in 2007 he took on a project by the Berlin-based design agency büro+staubach GmbH that built on his patented technology (co-developed with André Bernhardt) for projecting images onto moving objects. The technology was first used in the opera The Jew of Malta at the Munich Biennale in 2002.

Via their platform PMD-ART, Marcus and André have since carried out a number of pilot projects, including dance projects like the IFA opening gala in 2011, events like the BARCO partner meeting in Belgium, installations for the light shows Berlin Festival of Lights and Berlin Leuchtet and an exhibit at the Photography Playground 2014.

Based on this technology, since late 2015 Marcus has been developing complete solutions for theatre, shows and events at the company VISTAC GmbH with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


On the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds Doering/Lauber shows/showed the following installation: “Resonant Space”

Cologne 2016, Barcelona and Copenhagen 2017: “Resonant Space”

“Resonant Space”  is an audio-visual, interactive realtime installation with a 3-wall-projection and a 8.1 channels audio.

A computer generated, self-transforming moving space, is projected on 3 sides of the room and mirrored on the ceiling. When the visitor enters the space the autogenerated projection changes to be a response to the visitor’s moves.

The music takes account of both, the self-generated room transformations and the visual “distortions” of the visitor’s movements. Like that the music itself always transforms to be something new.

The number and intensity of the people’s motions create a social sculpture: an audio-visual moment that is simultaneously perceived and shaped by visitors. It is a living and constantly changing work of art, surrounding the people in space, giving them a feeling of loss of perspectives and room definitions.

The visitors begin to be an active part of the exhibition, as their movements design the work and influence the way the room is perceived by other visitors. After exploring the art work for a while the visitors realize their representation through sound and projections.

Going on exploring in a playful way, they start creating a piece of music and designing new visuals.

“Resonant Space”  is a cooperation project between the musician and composer Ben Lauber and the physician Dr. Marcus Doering.


Copyright portraits Doering: Marcus Doering
Copyright portraits Lauber: Mike Brockschmidt
Copyright installations: Eva Offenberg,, Alícía Rey Peroy