schnellebuntebilder is a collaboration between Johannes Timpernagel, Robert Pohle, Sebastian Huber, Michael Burk and Ann-Katrin Krenz.

Since its founding in 2011, the artists’ group has designed, animated and programmed works on the cutting edge between multimedia design and digital art. They work with curators, agencies, musicians and artists to create animated explainer films, generative visualisations, audio-visual performances, immersive installations and interactive exhibitions.

They always put human beings at the centre of their work: how can knowledge be transmitted to people? How can media take visitors by the hand and guide them through complex themes and exhibitions? How can modern technology be used to reach people at an emotional and sensory level?


On the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds SBB show(ed) the installation:

Cologne 2016, Barcelona and Copenhagen 2017: “Fantastic Voyage”

“Fantastic Voyage” takes visitors on a virtual journey through the abstract interior of a sculpture. Inspired by the possibilities opened up by modern endoscopes, visitors are given a tool that brings this reactive world to life using the power of light. Their generative environment changes as they interact with it, revealing new forms and patterns and bringing the world to life. Each visitor creates their own immersive narrative.

The sculpture itself is also filled with living light that mirrors the visitors’ journey of exploration and displays it to the outside world, making the exhibit into a hybrid between a sculptural artwork and a medium of communication for sharing the fantastic voyages.

The artwork is inspired by the Olympus endoscopes which shows smallest changes during the medical test already with the help of the optical zoom and narrowband filters.


SBB Portrait Copyright: Rudolf Lehmbruck
Installation Copyright: Rudolf Lehmbruck |