The work from set and interior designer Sibylle Oellerich follows a very clear principle: to use objects in a way they were never intended for, to recombine them in new ways and thus create something completely unexpected. She has designed furniture featuring an avant-garde style and furnished shops, hotels and film sets. She has created miniature worlds for the 25hours hotel in Berlin, for instance, was an interior designer for Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel, developed the set for the adidas showrooms and is known internationally for her club and bar design.

Katharina Göbel was working as a copywriter and is currently working on a comic strip. In addition to writing, the furnishing of rooms has become more and more a focus of hers over the past years. Together with Sibylle Oellerich, she stages rooms of all kind in a playful and storytelling-like way.


On the Olympus Perspective Playground in Cologne they show the installation:
little discoveries

An unusual perspective: other small worlds materialise amid the world of the exhibition.

The miniature worlds from Sibylle Oellerich and Katharina Göbel look as if someone has frozen a single moment in time and shrunk these scenes of everyday life and reality into a miniature size. Tiny figures bustle around in the setting on personal journeys of discovery. The pieces are seen within the perspective of their contextual surroundings, thus creating other, new perspectives.

The little people are on an expedition, exploring their world, and the viewer is prompted to discover the hidden realities of the scenes in all their detail and expressive power. Depending on the perspective, existence itself may even become a pretence and picturesque moments cast dark shadows.